Friday, February 8, 2013

Some Steps To Be Kept In Mind While Doing Canvas Printing

Large Canvas Prints are increasingly capturing the market and has become the most suitable way of decorating your living room or any other room. The grandeur  which these large canvas prints lends your room is immeasurable. It is normally a print reproduction on canvas of a photo or an artwork. They are equally elegant and eye catching as compared canvas paintings. Varied Pattrens and Styles are the prominent features  which make these prints different from conventional photos and painting. These canvas paintings have lower costs associated with them and a vast array of printing medium is available. Digital and Offset printing are some of the popular mediums of large Canvas prints.

Step 1: - Analyze the Photo

Before starting up with the large canvas photo prints  you have to take few steps so that your desired print is realized. Once you have selected the photo and the medium of the printing the first step is to analyze the photo properly to gauge the feasibility of the print . Otherwise all photographs and images can be converted into the large canvas photos but if any discrepancy or variations are expected then professionals let you know about it. You should prepare yourself for  any variations if told by the printer.

Step2: - Trimming the Canvas

The next step is of the trimming and stretching the canvas. Once the print has been taken then mounting of the canvas on the wooden frame is done to create the effect of the canvas painting. After both of these steps the canvas is ready to be delivered. Usually stretching is the technical setup and this is the reason why customers like the professionals to undertake it.

Step 3: - Stretching the Canvas Print

Large framed canvas prints also undergo the training process so that any unwanted lengths and dimensions are cut down during this step. Based on the end result the canvas is said to have “bled” or not accordingly if the pints of trimming and stretching are kept in mind. If the final print has no white margins than the parent is said to have been printed with bleed and in the other case there the white canvas is shown in the margins. Make sure you have the proper knowledge of both the large formats canvas prints.


Canvas Prints have become an indispensable part of your embellishment progression. The biggest advantage of these prints is that they deliver breath taking results and are ideal for any decoration.

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